Duo Travel Adapter Wall Charger 35W with A and USB-C Ports Black

SamsungSKU: 101-1491
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Go for Super Fast Charging –for the speed, safety, stability and the power Super Fast, safe and stable, Don’t settle for less – enjoy Super Fast Charging for a wide range of tech essentials even iPhones. The dual-port charger powerful enough for simultaneous, high-output charging experience the powerful, unrivaled excellence of the dual port-equipped.
* Charging cable not included.
** Super Fast Charging(SFC) is Samsung's fast charging method supported for Galaxy Notes(Note10 and higher), Galaxy S series(S10 5G and higher), and other SFC capable devices such as iPhones(iPhone 8 or higher). Adaptive Fast Charging(AFC) is fast charging protocol for Samsung devices.
*** 35W charging is reserved for single-charging PCs only. For mobile phones, tablets, and other compatible devices charging rates may vary depending on device types as well as the number of devices being charged simultaneously.
**** Power outputs for a single versus multiple devices vary as follows: Up to 35W when charging a single device under PD 3.0 and SFC(Super Fast Charging)conditions with USB-C. Up to 15W when charging a single device under AFC condition with USB-A. Up to 20W when charging multiple devices under PD 3.0 with USB-C. Up to 15W when charging multiple devices under AFC condition with USB-A.(more...)

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